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Welcome to our journey to achieve our financial dreams. Before anything, take a moment and congratulate yourself for being here with us, as this your first step into achieving your goal and become the first Millionaire in your family. It is not easy to start, and it does look overwhelming, but you did it! 

From now on, you will not be alone, you will no longer have to search for "near me job", and you don't have to try everything by yourself. Here, you can learn from our mistakes, apply whatever proved to be successful and working, and take the path that you feel most comfortable with. Here, we grow together, and achieve together!

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About Millionaire To Be

Our Story

Millionaire To Be was created from the feelings of all young people who are employed but feel enslaved instead. The founder of Millionaire To Be is Mohamad El Khatib, a Civil Engineer who has more than 12 years experience in Engineering Industry, and was employed by the biggest firms, achieving a saving for them of more than $300 Million, but decided that this is not the success that he was looking for. His success is reaching his Financial Freedom.

As he started pursuing his dreams changing them into goals, he 
accumulated lots of information from books, courses and multi-millionaire mentors he got in touch with, taking his knowledge to a different level that he became able to identify the goals, breaking them into action, and having the clarity of crystal on what to do next. As there are so many people who feel the same way but don't know where to start and how to achieve that., he decided to make the way shorter for them by sharing all his knowledge gained through the past 5 years with everyone to make them avoid doing the same mistakes, and take better decisions to reach their goals.

Mohamad El Khatib doesn't introduce himself as an expert in making you a Millionaire, but a goal partner inviting you to walk alongside him to reach your goal faster, together, and achieve the dream to become the 

First Millionaire in your Family!

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