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Education System & Financial Freedom, Another Irony: Solo Vs. Team Work

As a continuation of the previous blog, where we discussed the similarities between our schools and jobs, and how our education system is conditioning us to be good obedient employees. In this blog, I want to elaborate about how our education system doesn’t prepare us to be financially free, and doesn’t equip us with the skills to be Millionaires!

4 people fixing a totally fit 4 pieces of a puzzle

Solo in School, Solo in Life

In schools, students were evaluated merely by the grades we get in the exams they take. Exams though, are done to bunch of students but each works alone on his paper, of course cheating is not allowed (and it must not be allowed), and they will be ruled out and fail the test if they were caught cheating. Applying this system for 12 straight years from the age of 6 until the age of 18, students grow up with idea that everything must be done by themselves (Solo), they grow over-confident in their capabilities (which is good but has its downsides). They then go to the university, getting a degree in a specialized subject they know nothing out of it, and start their glorious careers as employees in some company. As a result of their previous experience, they prove themselves to be good achievers, they get promoted, get higher salary, and buy a nice car and a new house, but all this doesn’t solve the problem of those who really want to break free from the chains of jobs time constraints.

Solo’s After Effect

After 3 decades of employment, when the same poor students realize that they can’t work forever, they decide to start a business to live on or invest their money in stocks or crypto currency, they here split into 2 groups: The first are still over-confident in their capabilities, and think they can’t learn a new thing anymore; the second on the other hand, realized that they neither have the skills nor the knowledge to do so, but both groups opt to the same choice which is to proceed further with their plans. With that being said, they lose good amount of money, and settle down to keep the rest of the savings in the bank and take interest on them.

Success Needs Team Work

While we are conditioned in school to play solo all the time, and that we are a champions of our own stories, real life success needs a collaboration of efforts and minds working together towards the same goal. Every successful person on earth, let it be a celebrity, sports professional, politician or businessmen and investors, has his own team behind him. Even champions in solo sport games like boxing and sprint running competitions have their own team behind them. When you see Mohamad Ali Klay or Mike Tyson in the ring crushing their opponents alone, it’s because there is a team consists of coach, dietician, physiotherapist, doctors, etc. all as per his specialty. Same goes with Usain Bolt, the fastest person in the world, he also has a team behind him. Name anyone that comes to your mind and search in google for his team, you’ll understand what I mean.

Investing & Financial Success is Not Different from Sports Games

Reaching financial success, and investing your money whether in stocks, real estate or in business, also need a team work to make it happen. The One-man show approach will make you hit the wall, alone also, and maybe make it very difficult to recover, since you can’t be an economist, banker, entrepreneur, stocks expert, real estate broker all at the same time. Yes, your success will require you to have at least basic knowledge in all these subjects and more, but that doesn’t mean you’ll understand them more than the experts. In order to succeed you need to gather a good team around whom you trust and know their capabilities, that’s why every politician has his advisors around him, and every football coach has a team of coaches that provides him with the needed information.

Problem Explained, Where is The Solution?

We are not here to just criticize the education system, and I’m not the first one to do so, but to highlight the consequences of the mindset we get from there that create too many obstacles in front of us to reach our financial stability, freedom and really achieve the dream of becoming Millionaires! There are too many good things we learned from the education system we went through, it’s good to keep them, but make sure to get rid of the wrong ideas and mindset that are being taught there. To cut circle straight, the right solution to release ourselves from these binding thoughts is “Financial Literacy” or “Financial Education”, call it whatever you want, but to be able to see where the money lies, how can you make it, how can you make money work for you instead of you working for money, how to be able to generate money without having to go to work, this all can happen when you become “Financially Educated”. This is not something new or something I really invented, it’s been there for years, Robert Kiyosaki has talked about that for decades, but we always underestimate the power of understanding money because, again, “We know everything”.

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