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Hating Job Morning Routine

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Waking up at 08:00 a.m, getting ready to drive to work and do the most thing we hate in the world, our job, despising every second of this daily routine, feeling that we’re in prison and that the time is not passing by, pushing our way through to 05:00 p.m, to then take that big inhale as we feel “we’re finally free”. We get stuck in traffic in our way back home, then we finally reach home to spend few hours with friends and on Netflix, then we have to sleep early to wake up the second morning to do the same thing we hate.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Actually, a recent poll revealed that almost 85% of the employed population in the world are unhappy with their jobs. So relax, we’re not alone.

As big as the percentage is, they all agree on hating their jobs but the reasons can vary. Most of them are not satisfied with their salary, others don’t feel that they work in a healthy environment, others feel that the work is so tiring and they don’t get enough rest, and few (which I categorize myself with them) are just longing for freedom. These people just hate to be trapped in one place for 8 to 9 hours a day, and being told what to do and what not to do, we just want to have the freedom to hangout whenever we want, sleep when we feel like sleeping, watch Netflix based on our preferred schedule, and travel without having to ask for a permission to take a leave.

Yet, whether you are one of those groups I mentioned, or you have different reasons to hate your job, the question stays the same, “What did we do about this situation?”. Guess what, the answer is also the same “Nothing”.

I am a Civil Engineer who got stuck with these emotions for 12 years, and working my way to become a Millionaire one day so I can have the freedom I desire. It took me 7 years to understand and realize that if the road to being a Millionaire is going east, I was working my way hard towards the west. Working harder in our jobs is not the solution, but we have to work to make a living, then what’s the right thing to do??

At the moment I realized that what I was doing was wrong, I also realized that I have neither the skills nor the knowledge to reach my goal, that’s when I started reading books and taking different types of courses and accumulating my knowledge in business, sales, economy, financial management, etc.. And since I had no clue what was I doing, I even took a loan to start my own business, and failed miserably without making even one sale! Got myself in more debt than I started and fell below the zero level. I know that there are many more like me who suffered the same way, and share the same goal but don’t know where to start and what to do. And I am here to tell you that even I may not be there myself, I have improved my life and decision making by the knowledge that I have gained, working on the vehicle that’ll make me a millionaire one day, and I want to share everything with you so you don’t walk a lonely path, we walk together and make it there together.

Since this is my first blog, I am trying to be short (apparently not working), so here is the first thing we need to work on: The Way We See Money, and Our Mentality. This is so important because as you change the way you think, your money decision making will improve in a way that’ll leave you stunned by your ability to make this extra money on monthly basis (that happened with me). There are too many ideas that were planted in our heads when we were young, indirectly affect the way we view money and the way we deal with it, few ideas like: all rich people are evil or thieves and trade with humans and drugs; don’t discuss money at home because it’ll make problems; debt is bad; money is evil; you must study, get a degree and get a job, only then you’ll be successful. And there are other social means that fall on us without our will, such as you’re more successful if you have a bigger house and a fancier car, but the ultimate success is to have a fat saving bank account. Well guess what, being the World’s Dumbest Man Award winner is having a fat saving bank account (I’ll explain it in later blogs). As we absorb these ideas, our priorities become very clear, study, get a job, save money, get married, buy a house and pay mortgage for 30 years, have a baby, and stay an employee until you die because you won’t be able to even retire.

We need to get these ideas out of our heads to gain the ability to come back to our sanity and make better decisions about money. And if you reached this point of my blog, I would really recommend finishing this blog and go read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book by Robert Kiyosaki, because that book is going to be the corner stone of your journey, as it was for mine. We must forget the small picture and small fake wins that satisfies the society but not your pocket, and focus on the big one and the awards that will come with it. I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy a house or carry the newly released iphone, I mean you can do that at the right time when you have built the right foundation to buy 10 iphones for your family and friends instead of buying 1 and pay it in installments.

There are lots of information I really want to share with you, things that I have learned, applied, worked and still working for me until the moment. However, as I was taught before, if you did nothing about your life, no one will. No one will come and hand you a $100,000 and tell you please pay your debt and live a free life.

So, what are the wrong ideas about money you feel you have to change?

Leave your answers in the comments section and let’s work together to become The First Millionaires in Our Families.

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